10 Interesting Eye Facts

10 Interesting fun facts about the human eye.

We use our eyes everyday, but what do we really know about them. Here are some interesting (and hopefully fun) facts about the human eye.

  1. All colours that we see are made up of a mixture of Red / Green / Blue light.
  2. Every eye has a blind-spot where the optic nerve leaves the eye, we are normally not aware of it.
  3. The ability to see in 3-D (depth-perception) requires two eyes working together; people with one eye or a lazy eye do not have true depth perception.
  4. The only colour in the human eye (in the iris) is a brown pigment called melanin, different coloured eyes (grey, green, blue etc) are caused by the amount of melanin. A blue eye does not have a lot of melanin, whereas a brown eye has a lot.

  5. The pupil of the eye is not black, it is simply a hole to allow light to enter the eye. It looks black because the light is normally not reflected back. When you see ‘red-eye’ in a photograph, it is actually light being reflected back out of the eye from the retina.
  6. The inside of the eye is filled with a jelly-like substance called the vitreous humour, this jelly-like substance helps to give the eye its shape.
  7. It takes up to four months for babies to learn to use both eyes together.
  8. We when you shine a light into the eye, the pupils get smaller; when you shine a light into one eye both pupils usually get smaller, even the one that doesn’t have the light shining in it.
  9. Carrots are actually not good for the eyes; in fact, green vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and bright coloured things like peppers are better. They contain an anti-oxidant called Lutein that protects the eye.
  10. UV from the sun can damage the surface of the eye and structures inside the eye